Our values

Our commitments: an Eco-friendly managment

productos-ecologicosWe envisaged from the start the creation of this hostel with the desire to respect the environment as much as possible, and so transformed the building and organized the everyday functioning of the establishment in an Eco-friendly way.

For us, profitability shouldn’t rule the human relationships and overrule the values we believe in.

Our commitments in everyday life

  • We only use products that are fresh, local and organic (when possible).
  • The coffee served in the bar and at breakfast is a real Colombian coffee, comes from the cooperative of producers of Jardin, a village close to Medellin.
  • Our cleaning agents are organic and made by a small company based in Santa Elena, also close to Medellin.
  • We practice recycling and encourage our guest to do the same.
  • We equipped the bathroom with electric showers and push button taps to avoid waste of energy and water.
  • For the same reason, motion sensing lamps light the corridors and passageways.
  • LED and energy saving bulbs equip the lighting devices.
  • Mattresses are made of natural fiber

Our commitments to come

  • The acquisition or manufacture of a composter
  • The creation of an urban vegetable garden
  • Rainwater collection

The team


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te natural
te natural